Realty is one of the biggest industries which has been operating on this planet for centuries, since the time of organised money and land selling. Since the time when humans started to trade land and to treat it as their property there started the existence of real estate and realtors. People always wanted to make this as a core money making business and hence it sprung up to a major working industry as a big-time realty. At once the real estate industries sprung up, and with all those, all the problems which involved the real estate industry also sprung up.

There are many problems which are always related to real estate. For example, the price has always been a problem. Many real estate agents have been into the practice of overpricing the property in order to get more profit out of it but it has never been ended in a good note. This leads to a major problem of mistrust about all the agents and it has always been a problem to date. This problem can be addressed by the regulations of the price and setting up the rules by the specific governments involved. Because nothing on this earth can bring regulations to individuals other than the government. All these regulations would bring this up to a hold and avoid people from facing these problems in real estate.

The other big problem is the neighbourhood where your property resides upon. Every seller whom you find out and every person whom you would want to sell real estate to, is going to take into account about all the problems in the availability of the neighbourhood which is going to surround the property. This would be a case if your property is surrounded by unpleasant and unappealing areas, and keeping this into consideration is very important to do.

Unrealistic expectations of the customers is also a problem at times. Not everyone understands the problems of the seller and the reality of buying a property. They set out their expectations very high and always push the sellers to space where they can say nothing then answering them with a no. And all these customers mostly end up being cheated or empty-handed without having bought anything which they wanted to buy. This is a big issue which is not sorted for a long time. It has to start with the change of the customers’ mindset.

At the last comes the emotional involvement of both the buyer and the seller. This is a problem which has been faced by both the sides often ending up in hassles and miscommunications. This is an issue which has to be sorted out by both the sides and it starts on a psychological level. Both the buyer and the seller should ditch their emotional attachment towards the property which they are selling or buying in order to attain a smooth closure with happy hearts all the while. These are the hurdles which are faced by most individuals in the industry.